Paper Tubes Portfolio

We has been trusted by many global brands & local artisans in years passing by, providing them the most standout packaging experience.  we offer both custom-made paper tubes and blank paper tubes to meet global consumer brands. Helping our customers to make their own unique tubes, promote their brand, creat more sales.

Custom pAPER Tubes

Custom paper tubes are made of 100% recyclable paperboard, applied to personal care, health& house hold, food & beverage, gift& toys, and many other industries. Whatever you need, we can make your products a Roar!

Health &House Hold Tube Packaging

We supply for health & house hold industry, essential oil, hemp oil,wax, medicines, humidifier, detal floss & other related.


CBD paper tube packaging

3pcs compostable paper tube for CBD OIL
Compostable cardboard tube with 1 oz


Cosmetics paper tube packaging

3pcs custom paper tube for eye drops
Biodagradable paper tube with 11ml


Custom paper tube packaging

3pcs custom paper tube for body elixir
Eco friendly cardboard cylinder with 120ml

Personal Care Tube Packaging

We produce eco-friendly paper tubes for Beauty & Personal Care (cosmetic, skin care, lipstick, perfume etc.)


Cosmetics paper cylinder packaging

2pcs paper push cylinder for deodorant
Eco friendly cardboard tube with 2.82 oz


Cosmetics paper push tube packaging

2pcs custom paper push tube for essential oil
Plastic free paper tube with 45g


Paper lip balm tubes

3pcs custom paper push cylinder for lip care
Substainable paper push cylinder with 12ml

Food & Beverage Tube Packaging

We produce food-grade material paper tube for wine, tea, coffee beans, cookie, nuts, grains,clocolate, powder etc.


Food grade paper tube packaging

3pcs custom paper tube for food powder
Eco friendly paper cylinder with 250g


Food safe paper cylinder packaging

3pcs food grade carboard cylinder for candy
Compostable paper tube with 162g


Food grade cardboard cylinder

3pcs neck exposed paper tube for food
Biodegradable cardboard cylinder wholesale

Gift & Apparel Tube Packaging

We’ve also made paper tube for underwear, socks, watch,jewelries,scarf, ear pods, USB cable, pen etc.


Custom paper cylinder packaging

3pcs gift custom paper tube
Neck exposed paper cylinder gift custom

cosmetic tube manufacturers in india

Cosmetics paper cylinder package 

Cosmetics cardboard cylinder for makeup tools
Durable cardboard tube pacakging custom

Sustainable paper tube box

3pcs duarable paper tube box for flower
Top window paper tube package

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