Food Grade
Paper Tube Packaging

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Food Grade Paper Tube Packaging

The paper tube is a type of paper food packaging, widely used to pack different types of food. Our paper tube food packaging is made of food-grade white kraft paper only, it’s food-safe material and food can contact directly.  With barriers customized, it can provide high airtightness, can keep food fresh & dry on the shelf for long time. 

Paper Tube Food Grade Packaging Features

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Water &Oil Resistant

A food tube packaging custom with barriers, such as lids & aluminum liner, it can resist moisture, water & oil.


Material Compostable

White kraft paper is main material used on the food tube packaging, it's compostable in nature, no harm.

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Cost Effective

Food paper tube packaging custom is offered affordably. They are made from reasonable yet quality metals.

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Product Protected

We manufacture the food tube packaging with thick paperboard, it can hold & protect our products inside.

Food Paper Tube Custom Series


ice cream cardboard tube custom


vegan protein food grade tube with lid


paper tube with lid for coffee custom


spice food paper cylinder with shaker


biodegradable coffed bean packaging


Eco-friendly candy tube packaging


single paper can for loose leaf tea with Alu lid sealed


hemp protein paper cyliner packaging food safe

Why Choose Us to
Custom Your Packaging

Quality Visable


High Quality Printing


Thicked Material


Flatten Edges Rolled


Flatten Cutting


good contecting


Nice Sealing

Food Paper Tube Packaging Different Solutions

pure food paper tube for coffee

Pure Food Grade Paper Tube Custom

Pure food grade paper tube is a simple customized tube packaging, it’s without any barries to well resist water & oil, it’s used as a second package for your product. And it’s eco-friendly, cost effective and eye-catching. So it’s been sustainable option for many brands. 


Food Paper Tube Custom with Barries

Paper tube custom with barries can keep food fresh & dry during storage, it’s a a good packaging for food. We make the barries into 2 parts, on top inner tube with a peel-off lid or Alu lid, and into the tube apply with aluminum liner, this material is to resist water & oil. 


Food Paper Canister Custom

Paper Canister is a composite paper-can, it is also made of kraft paper, inner lined with aluminum, and outer wrapped with custom art paper. Its bottom is sealed by a metal lid, and the top allows us to have a variety of customizations.
Paper canister packaging provides high airtightness, perfect for products requested to keep dry when stored. 

Customer Reviews

What Customer Says

*CBD paper tube packaging
---by Rayan Hammond
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Very happy with my purchase! These came sturdy and nicely packed in sensibly recycalble materials.All tubes are nice made! I will definitely buy again!
Food grade paper can for powder
---by Ray F
Read More
Wonderful job! This is exactly what i need! My packaging is in good quality and looks really elegant! I am very pleased and definitely be back again when i am out.
*Biodegradable Eco-friendly food containers paper tube
---by Allen Brown
Read More
I just started selling my own brand months ago and it's awesome! The packaging they made are of excellent quality! Thanks for making an excellent paper tube very affordable price.
*Custom paper tube packaging
---by Alice Janene Moak
Read More
Totally satisified with the product and service. In this case Rachel attended me adn really guided me from beginning to end. Very professional and always supporting in any doubt. They follow-up the order from beginning until it's shipped.
*Custom printed cosmetics paper packaging tube
---by Glen Howard
Read More
Customer service is as good as it gets. in terms of understanding, prompt responses and extremely high efficiency.The product is exactly what i needed.
*Custom printed cosmetics paper packaging tube
---by Joseph Coto
Read More
I need those boxes urgently, and they helped me a lot, delivered full batch one week eariler than expected. good shot!

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