Food Grade Paper Tube Packaging

Imagine your product beautifully wrapped in a custom-designed paper tube that perfectly  embodies your brand’s ethos. Join the thousands of businesses that have already elevated  their product experience with our customized paper tube packaging solutions. Don’t let your brand be overshadowed by generic packaging. Take a decisive step today. Invest in a brighter, brand-centric future for your product. Get your free quote now and elevate your  brand value with beautiful custom paper tube.

Our paper tube food packaging is made of food-grade white kraft paper, it’s food-safe material and food can contact directly, and has been widely used to pack different types of food. With barriers customized, it can provide high airtightness, can keep food fresh & dry on the shelf for long time. 

Custom Eco-friendly gummies paper tube

Custom Eco-friendly gummies paper tube

Printed energy food nutrition paper tube

Printed energy food nutrition paper tube

Food grade ice cream paper tube custom

Food grade ice cream paper tube custom

Food Paper Tube Printed

Hemp & PEA Protein  Food Paper Tube Printed


Food Supplement Paper Food-safe Packaging


Organic Food Grade Paper Tube Packaging


Food-grade Bread Paper Tube Packaging

Eco-frienly Food Powder Airtight Paper Canister


Printed Airtight Pet Food Paper Tube Paper Canister 


Peel-off lid Airtight Custom Paper Tube for Puffed Food 


Custom Coffee Tea Paper Compostable Tube Packaging 

Single Paper Tube for Food Airtight for Long Shelf Life

Single Paper Tube for Food Airtight for Long Shelf Life

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Our Custom Packaging Capabilities

  • paper tube thickness: 1.1 mm or customized 
  • diameter range: inner 12 mm – 268 mm
  • paper tube height: customized 
  • edge dealing: flat & rolled 
  • paper tube type: blank & printed 
  • paper tube printing: CMYK 4-color & Pantone color print
  • lamination: glossy, matt lamination 
  • print finish: hot foil, UV spot, embossing, debossing 
  • other provided: window cutout, plastic made, airtight

Common Raw Materials and Additives

  • core material: brown / white / black kraft paper
  • inner coating: aluminum coated & glassine coated
  • printing label: coated art paper, kraft paper, special paper
  • other provided: metal lid, PVC sheet, EVA insert, ribbon tie
  • food-grade white kraft paper
  • eco-friendly soybean print ink
  • food safe glue


Food Paper Tubes in Different Customizations

pure food paper tube for coffee

Food Grade Paper Tube Custom

Pure food grade paper tube is a simple customized tube packaging, it’s without any barries to well resist water & oil, it’s used as a second package for your product. And it’s eco-friendly, cost effective and eye-catching. So it’s been sustainable option for many brands. 


Food Paper Tubes Custom with Barries

Paper tube custom with barries can keep food fresh & dry during storage, it’s a a good packaging for food. We make the barries into 2 parts, on top inner tube with a peel-off lid or Alu lid, and into the tube apply with aluminum liner, this material is to resist water & oil. 


Food Paper Canister Custom

Paper Canister is a composite paper-can made of kraft paper, its inner is lined with aluminum, outer is wrapped with printed art paper. The bottom is sealed by a metal lid, and the top allows us to have a variety of customizations.
Paper canister packaging provides high airtightness, provide long shelf life for food.

Paper Tube Quality Visable


High Quality Printing


Thicked Material


Flatten Edges Rolled


Flatten Cutting


good contecting


Nice Sealing

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