Food Grade Paper Tube Custom

Eco-friendly Food Safe Paper Tube Packaging
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Food Grade Paper Tube Custom:

Structure:                 3-piece paper tube, Bottom Push-up
Material:                   Food grade white kraft paper
Dimension:              ID74mm x OH150mm 
Inner Substrate:     Aluminum  liner
Surface Wapped:   Kraft paper
Printing:                   CMYK+ varnish oil

Edges:                       Top / Bottom Rolled
Add-on:                     Alu lid 
Pack Product:         Organic food, food nutrition
Brand:                        Veganflow
Capacity:                 250g

Food grade paper tube packaging is made of food safe white kraft paper. This white kraft paper has passed the FDA, SGS certification, food can contact directly and safe. So now it’s been a popular alternative packaging for food products, and it has many benifits too.

Benifits of Food Paper Tubes

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Diversity & Efficiency

Custom paper tube are made of 100% recyclable paperboard, applied to food & beverage products, personal care & cosmetics, health & household, gifts & toy & accessories, etc. Whatever you need, we can make your products a Roar!

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Wonderful job! This is exactly what i need! My packaging is in good quality and looks really elegant! I am very pleased and definitely be back again when i am out.
---by Ray F
Food grade paper container

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Why Choose Us?

Professonable paper tube packaging manufacturer from China, offering you eco-friendly & sustainable packaging sulotions,widely used for food & beverage, personal care & cosmetics, health & household, gift & accessories etc.


We take care all of your packaging custom needs, from design to production. Our team will work with you to create a packaging solution.


With advanced devices like flanging machines & labeler machines, our daily productivity can reach 100,000pcs+. This make us can deliver orders in 15-20days.


Our paper tubes are made of kraft paper, it's environment friendly and recyclabel, it's sustainable packaging. And our paper tubes pass FSC/BRC/SGS certification.


With advanced devices like flanging machines & labeler machines, our daily productivity can reach 100,000pcs+. This make us can deliver orders in 15-20days.


We follow strict quality standards from sampling, manufacturing process, and to the end products. Each order will do spot testing, and we make continuous improvement to provide the best quality assurance.


We have been working with hundrends of brands all over the world on paper packaging solutions, quality of our packaging has been accepted & satisifed.

Get More Questions?

All of our ready-made tubes are designed to be reusable, recyclable, and biodegradable. They are made out of 100% paper and contain no plastic whatsoever. We use virgin paper pulp and water-based glue. 

For custom-made tubes, we try to be as eco-conscious as possible, while keeping functionality in mind. If you’re using tubes as secondary packaging and want to reduce your environmental impact, we suggest uncoated kraft or white paper with printing and varnish. 

If you have a food or cosmetics based product, or something that requires direct contact with our tubes, it’s almost impossible to completely eliminate plastic from the inner liner that ensures shelf life and oil-resistance. With that said, we are always exploring different natural materials, like vegetable inks, PLA lamination, and wax paper inner lining for solid cosmetics products. We always strive to be as eco-friendly as possible and will work with you to ensure your tube packaging has the smallest ecological footprint.

We can produce tubes in any size, depending on the quantity you need. 

You can also order the blank at 500pcs minimum order quantity.

1-piece tubes with metal or plastic closures. 

2-piece telescoping tubes where the cap fits on top of the base when the tube is closed. We can do straight or rolled edges on the top and bottom. 

3-piece telescoping tubes where the cap fits on top of the “lip” for a flush-fit look. These tubes can also have a rolled or straight top and bottom edge.

Yes, you can surely get sample to check. And we normally offer samples in 3 different ways:

– Blank sample: without printing, which allow you to check dimension correct or not.

– Digital sample: a sample with correct dimension & structure and printing to check, but printing will be slightly different from bulk production.

– Physical sample: which cost a bit higher, while it’s totally same as bulk production on dimesion, structure& printing. 

1. Send us an inquiry to get quote, by telling us its dimension, printing & quantity you look for.

2. We quote & offer design template so you can lay out your artwork. 

3. Sample make & send to check if request, after artwork confirm, which will take 5-7days to get ready.  

4. Start bulk production after sample & order pay, which will take like 2-4weeks, depending to quantity. 

5. Shipping arrangment accordingly after bulk production finish. 

Custom-made paper tubes require 50% deposit with balance paid before shipping. 

Available payment terms : bank transfer, paypal, western union.

We can make different tubes according to customer’s request.

Other tubes we make as following:

– Push up tubes: normally for lipstick, deodorant

– Chil-resistant tubes: normally for CBD products

– W/ airtight tubes: normally to pack powder products

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