Unveiling the Eco-Friendly Charm: Exploring the Wonders of Paper Tube Packaging

If you pay attention, you will notice an increasing presence of cylindrical packaging in the market. Perhaps you are curious about what it is, what it is made of, and why it is gaining popularity. Today, let’s explore its true nature together.


What is paper tube packaging?

As we see, paper tube packaging is a cylindrical packaging style consisting of two symmetrical cylindrical tubes – the upper part serves as the lid, and the lower part is the packaging itself. The surface can be printed with various designs to convey product and brand information, and additional printing techniques such as hot stamping can be added to highlight this information.

What is paper tube made of?

Simply put, paper tubes are made using kraft paper as the raw material, and these kraft papers are formed by pressing pulp. 

These kraft papers start as large-sized sheets, cut into specified sizes using cutting tools, commonly referred to as slitting. They are then rolled into different diameters using a tube winding machine and corresponding molds, cut to the customer’s specified length, assembled, covered with surface paper printed with customer designs, and finally, internal cleaning is done to complete the process. 

If you are interested in this process, you can refer to the steps of manufacturing paper tubes. 


Only glue is used as an adhesive in this process. Thin kraft paper layers need to be stacked to a certain thickness to resist external forces and protect the product inside. The glue serves as an environmentally friendly and food-grade adhesive for stacking the kraft paper layers. In addition, glue is also used in the assembly and pasting of surface paper during the tube assembly process.

Therefore, it can be seen that paper tube is a type of paper product packaging, with the majority of its composition being paper, along with glue and printing ink. It is worth noting that for the printed surface paper, we use soy ink, an environmentally friendly ink.

And for the printing paper, we use two types:

1. Kraft paper material: Apart from being the core material of the paper tube, kraft paper can also be used as surface paper for printing, giving the entire packaging a natural and environmentally friendly appearance. However, it has two disadvantages: the rough surface tends to absorb ink to varying degrees, leading to uneven printing colors, and after printing on kraft paper, it cannot be laminated, resulting in the inability to preserve printing colors for an extended period without fading.

2. Coated paper surface paper: As printing surface paper, copperplate paper effectively overcomes the drawbacks of kraft paper. Its smooth surface does not absorb ink, avoiding color unevenness, and it can be laminated, ensuring the long-term preservation of printing colors.


Benefits of paper tube packaging

Why is paper tube packaging popular? It probably offers many advantages:

Environmentally friendly

As we have already introduced the components of paper tubes, it’s clear that paper tubes are environmentally friendly, as paper is a recyclable and degradable material. The glue and printing ink are also eco-friendly.

Unique appearance

A cylindrical packaging made of paper is a novel and unique style, and with various design patterns, it emphasizes its uniqueness even more.


Our paper tube packaging can be customized in different sizes and styles to meet the diverse needs of various products. The diversity in printing also adds charm to paper tube packaging.


By now, I believe you have gained a deep understanding of paper tubes, and you are eager to use this environmentally friendly and unique packaging method to showcase your products and brand. Let us help you with that. You can contact us through the following ways to get the best packaging solution for your products using paper tubes. Come join us soon!

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