How to Custom Food Paper Tube?

Paper tubes are more & more used for food products, they get many benefits and are sustainable packaging.  But do you know how to customize a food paper tube packaging? What point we must pay attentions to when customizing it?

Today we’ll take a look at how to customize a food paper tube packaging. 

1. What is Food Paper Tube Packaging?

2. Why is Paper Tube Suitable For Food?

2.1 Airtight tube

2.2 Food-safe material

2.3 Eco-friendly to Environment

2.4 Protective & Productive

2. Why is Paper Tube Suitable For Food?

3. How To Closure Food Paper Tube To Be Airtight?

3.1 Body Barrier Handling

3.2 End Closure Handling

3.2.1 Hight Airtight Tube Handling

3.2.2 Another Airtight Tube Handling

4. What Kinds Of Food Packaging Are Commonly Used?

What Is Food Paper Tube Packaging?

Food paper tube packaging is a type of packaging that uses paper tubes to store and transport food products. The paper tubes are in the shape of cylinders and made of cardboard or paperboard. The material of food paper tubes can be biodegradable in nature, it’s eco-friendly for our environment.

We can get a variety of customizations on the food paper tube packaging, from sizes, and structures to printings & finishes, to meet different kinds of food and brand’s image.


Why Is Paper Tube Suitable For Food?

1. Airtight Tube for Food

Food paper tube packaging customized with barriers will provide high airtightness, food stored inside can keep fresh and its flavor for a long time on the shelf, it’s a good airtight tube for food. 

The barriers are applied on tube enclosures and inner. We can apply PE liner, and aluminum liner into the tube to resist water & oil, both of they’re food-safe materials. The bottom is normally enclosed with paper slip, but when we change to a metal lid, it can stop air moving. On the top either a metal lid or foil lid can be applied to stop air moving. We can choose the best option for our food package requirements, and target.

2. Food- safe Material

Food paper tube packaging is made of food-grade kraft paper and assembled with glue only. The kraft paper is food-safe to contact, and glue is food-safe and odorless too, and gets certificated. The liners inside normally are waxed paper, aluminum liner, or PE liner, they’re applied to resist water, vapour & oil, all they’re food safe material guarantee.

3. Eco-friendly to Environment

Paper tubes are environmentally friendly, as they can be recycled and composted after use. They also reduce the amount of waste and pollution generated by plastic and other non-biodegradable materials.

4. Protective & Productive

With barriers, paper tubes can protect food from external factors, such as moisture, oxygen, light, heat, and pests. They are customized with thick paper, can resist crushing, and prevent food from spilling or leaking during transportation and delivery.

The paper tube is in round shape with a wide open top, which makes the filling and sealing process very productive

How To Closure Food Paper Tube To Be Airtight?

As packaging of food products, it must be airtight for food storage. A common paper tube is made of cardboard, which is not water resistant, while applying suitable barriers to our paper tube, it’ll become a food airtight paper tube. 

The barriers we’ll process into the tube body and end closure.

Body Barrier Handling

PE liner and aluminum liner are the most used into inner body tube as water & oil barrier, both they can stop oil & moisture effectively. And they’re food-safe material widely used on other food contact packages.


End Closure Handling

High Airtight Tube Handling

A food paper tube packaging requests high airtightness, we suggest both top & bottom end enclose with metal lid or membrane closure, it can stop air moving, since they request to enclose by machine. We also call this food paper tube as paper can or paper canister. 

This kind of high airtight tube is perfect for puffed food like chips, powdered food, nuts, food that need to preserve fragrance, and any other food that would stay on the shelf for long time.

Water Resistant
shakes paper can packaging

Another Airtight Tube Handling

If we want to custom small quantity tube to pack our food products, we don’t have a sealing machine yet, then we can consider this airtight handling.

In this handling we will use moveable metal lid instead of the membrane closures, it can be open and close by hands, it can provide a certain degree of tightness, it’s a good option if we don’t have a sealing machine, or we just make small quantity, and our products will be sold out fast.


What Kinds Of Food Packaging Are Commonly Used?

Paper tubes customized with barriers can be used for many food, they’re widely used for food bellowing but not only. We can choose the preferred paper tube structure and customize it for our food, it will wow us!

  • Tea / Coffee / Hemp Leaves
    Food Supplement 
    Snack / Candy/Nuts 
    Bakery / Pastry  
    Spice/ Salt Powder
    Pet Food


Paper tube packaging is available for food products, it can provide airtightness when storing our food. Choosing the preferred paper tube types, and process with different barriers, makes it perfect food paper tube packaging. 

If you have more questions about it or want to customize a food paper tube packaging, pls contact us All Paper Tube specialists, will provide you with suitable solutions for your products. 

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