When we first turn to paper tube packaging, we would wonder what does a custom paper tube look like? What structures can we custom a paper tube packaging? Well, in this blog we’ll share with you some custom paper tube structure options, let us take a look!

Currently, we now provide 3 different structure options for custom paper tubes, they’re below:

1 – piece custom paper tube structure



1-piece paper tubes also called single tubes, it is one of our most popular packaging options. With only one piece to the construction of the tube, and the option to have either a metal lid or plastic lid cap on both the top and bottom of the tube.

This cardboard tube packaging style allows you to have branding all over the tube including the lid, a full CMYK print, and a matte or gloss finish. Branding extras such as Spot UV, foil stamping, and embossing/debossing.

2 – piece custom paper tube structure



2-piece paper tubes also called telescopic tubes, its top lid can be any length, shorter, or the same height as the bottom base, and this cardboard tube packaging allows you to have branding all over the top lid, and bottom base too, to make it luxury packaging for your products, and these paper tubes look amazing on shop shells, and as gifts.

3 – piece custom paper tube structure



3- piece paper tubes also named butted tubes, it’s the most popular structure options. The top lid can have rolled or unrolled ends, and rolled ends are the preferred option for most of our customers. And this cardboard tube packaging can be customized with a long or short top lid as you want, normally it’s shorter than the tube bottom base.


1, Custom paper tubes will have 3 different structure options: single tubes / telescopic tubes / butted tubes, while customization is endless, we can explore more creative paper tube structures in the future.

2, All these custom paper tubes structure options can be branded fully, by full CMYK print, a matt or gloss finish, and extras like Spot UV, foil stamping, embossing, or debossing.

You can choose one of those 3 structure options as your product tube packaging, they will present your brand & look amazing. To learn more about custom paper tube packaging, pls refer to this custom quick start blog. Or contact our specialists, and we’ll provide you sustainable paper tube packaging solution.

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