Candle Packaging Tubes Custom

With the development of homemade candles and candle brands, makers are looking for more unique and attractive packages to help brand promotions. Candles packed in tube packaging are getting more fashionable, it’s a good candle packaging idea.

Candle packaging tubes are in the shape of cylinders, made of paperboard material, and are able to be custom in different sizes. It’s used as second packaging for candles, and shipping packaging for candles also.


Benefits of Candle Packaging in Tubes

1. Light way and good to shipping

The same cylindrical shape of paper tube packaging makes it less empty space left when packing, it can save volume and pack tightly to protect candles inside. And the tube candle packaging is made of paperboard, it’s light on weight.

2. Durable and reusable

We provide different thickness customizations for candle packaging, basic with 1.5mm paper thickness, or thicker as per request, These make our candle packaging durable and strong during shipping or storage.

3. Affordable and cost-effective

Candle packaging tubes can be customized in different structures and printing options, we not only can customize the candle packaging in luxury ways but also in cheap ways. Blank paper tubes as candle packaging are cheap, and with your own customized candle labels, they look perfect and save your cost.

4. Eco-friendly & degradable

Candle packaging tubes are made of paperboard, which does not contain plastic. It can be naturally degraded after a few months, the same goes the printing ink.

Types of Candle Packaging Tubes

Blank Candle Paper Tubes

This is a cheap way candle packaging, and popular with candle homemakers. This candle packaging idea not only to save cost, but also provide you free customizations on candle labels. The original white, brown or black kraft paper make the candle tube packaging pure and natural, deliver us the naturality of candle packed inside. And blank tubes with free custom-made candle labels, will build us its brand’s image, and deliver us more information.


Picture credit: packagingoftheworld

Custom-made Candle Tubes Packaging

This type of candle packaging is with full printing, we can make different printings on the tube boxes to promote our candles & brand. The printing can be applied with CMYK or Pantone color print, both them provide us different visual feast.

And besides, paper printing materials on candle packaging tubes can be customized with different options, from simple & elegant types to luxury types.

Hereby we’d take a look for some custom candle packaging

1) 2-piece candle tube box


Picture credit: packagingoftheworld

2) 3-piece custom candle tubes


Picture credit: packagingoftheworld


Tube packaging is very suitable for candles, it as candle packaging gets many benefits, and multi-customizations make it out stand to promote brand image. If you look for candle packaging, we All Paper Tube Co. can provide you different custom solutions. Contact our candle packaging specialist now to make your candles outstanding.

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