What is a Bottle Paper Tube Packaging?

Nowadays we see more and more paper tube packaging used for many industries and many products like posters, documents, and many types of consumer goods. But do you know what is called for a bottle paper tube? 

Today let us take a look. 

1. What is a Bottle Paper Tube?

2. What are bottle paper tubes used for?

2.1 Cosmetics & perfumes

2.2 Beverage products

2.3 Perfume products

2.4 Other items typically packaged in bottles

3. What sizes are available for bottle paper tube?

4. What paper tube types are available for bottle product?

5. Tips to custom a bottle paper tube packaging

What is a Bottle Paper Tube?

The term “Bottle Paper Tube”, we will say it refers to paper tube packaging specifically designed to hold and protect bottles.

As we know a paper tube is in the shape of a cylindrical, it actually is a perfect packaging to hold any bottles, as a second packaging. It not only can save space on the package, but also provides durability, versatility, and eco-friendly properties.


What are Bottle Paper Tubes Used for?

Nowadays, bottle paper tube packaging has been used in many products, such as beverage products, cosmetics, or other items typically packaged in bottles.

Cosmetics & perfumes

Cosmetics in bottles are the most rapidly consumed and used, so paper tubes as outer packaging are also widely applied. In addition, an increasing number of cosmetics brands strive to stand out in the competition by pursuing innovation in packaging. The unique image of paper tubes fulfills the needs of these brands

Beverage products

Beverages represent another sector where bottle paper tube packaging is extensively utilized, particularly for wine and beer. This type of paper tube packaging for bottles enhances the premium image of the beverage without significantly increasing costs. 


Perfume is another field where bottle paper tubes are widely used. In addition to the distinctive appearance of paper tubes, perfume brands often have higher packaging requirements. These include the use of more upscale materials and the application of various processes such as gold-plating, silver stamping, and UV techniques on the packaging. This ensures a sense of sophistication and luxury from the inside out.

Other items typically packaged in bottles

Yes, any items packed in bottles, and use our paper tube packaging as second packaging, or shipping package, we also call it ” bottle paper tube”, if we pay attention to it, there are a lot! 

What sizes are available for Bottle Paper Tube?

You might wonder the bottle differs in different sizes, will we have the right size of paper tube for it? 
The answer is yes, we can custom the paper tube sizes from 15mm to 260mm diameter, and any height to match your bottle. It allows us lots of choices! 

What paper tube types are available for bottle product?

The primary requirement for bottle paper tube packaging is convenience in assembly and extraction, making it essential to choose a suitable packaging structure. Typically, based on our custom packaging experience, the following three structures are the most commonly used.

1-part bottle paper tube


Beverage normally is with a bit heavety, we highly recomend this single bottle paper tube packaging, the metal lid sealed by machine on bottom provide certain load-bearing, it can protect our bottle inside safely. 

3-part short lid long base bottle paper tube


3-part long lid short base bottle paper tube


Tips to custom a bottle paper tube packaging

Up until now, we have gained a certain understanding of the bottle paper tube, knowing what it is, the products it is suitable for, and the available styles. So, in the process of customizing this packaging, what aspects should we pay attention to? Let’s explore together below

1. choose the right bottle paper tube style

A right bottle paper tube packaging not only to provide protection to our product inside, but also can deliver what the product and brand want to tell us.

2. add foam holder to enhance the protection

Although the bottle paper tube has a certain thickness and is durable enough, adding a sponge can provide further protection, especially for products that will undergo long-distance transportation.

A custom-made foam hoder can be added into the bottom paper tube. 

3. Utilize more customized solutions

Bottle paper tube packaging is typically used as secondary packaging. For products that are not easily breakable, we can incorporate additional designs on the packaging to make it stand out, such as side or top windows. This allows our most advantageous products to be visible, catching the consumer’s eye at a glance. However, it is essential to consider the characteristics of the product, such as whether it affects the protection of the product.


Bottle paper tube packaging is suitable for a wide range of bottled products, with extensive use. It not only provides protection for the products but also features a unique style that can enhance brand sales. However, it’s essential to note that when customizing bottle paper tube packaging, we should choose styles that suit our products and maximize the display of our brand’s design concept.

If you want to custom a bottle paper tube packaging for your product, pls contact us, we can help you! 

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