Paper Can Packaging: Simple But Utility

Paper Can Packaging: Best for Food Powders & Proteins

photo credit: Primitive Paws

  • single paper tube made of kraft paper
  • bottom Alu lid sealed
  • top penny liver lid sealed
  • inner with aluminum liner
  • leak & grease resistant 
  • CMYK+matt lamination
  • product pack: freeze-dried spore cabbage
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What Is A Paper Can Packaging?

Paper can packaging is a type of packaging made of paper containers that are engineered to be sturdy yet lightweight and customizable to meet product- or customer-specific needs. 

It’s made of paper or paperboard, inner coated with aluminum, and bottom enclosed by an Alu lid, which sealed by machine only. While its top enclosure, will allow to have different customizations. 


Why Paper Can Packaging is Good for Foods?

Paper can packaging is perfect to pack food powdered products because:

· Safe & food grade material 

· High barriers to ensure product safety and hygiene,
  sealed moisture-proof lock fresh 

· Strong anto-drop easy to transport

Besides, It can be customized with different designs, colors and prints on the surface to attract customers and convey information, making it outstanding on shelf. 

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