Window Paper Tubes: Drive More Sales

If you are looking for a packaging solution that is eco-friendly, attractive, and functional, you might want to consider paper tube packaging with clear PVC window. This type of packaging consists of a cylindrical tube made of paper or cardboard, with a section of the tube cut out to create a window. The window is usually covered with a transparent material, such as PVC or PET, to allow the contents of the tube to be visible.


Benefits of Window Paper Tubes

Enhancing product visibility and appeal

The clear window allows customers to see the product inside the package, which can increase their interest and confidence in buying it. The window also makes your product stand out from the crowd and showcases its quality and features.

Increases more sales

customers are drawn to your products on the shelf, by their appealing outlook, it also improves your brand image.

Offering customization and versatility

Paper tube packaging with clear PVC window can be customized in terms of size, shape, and design to fit the specific needs of your product. You can also print your logo, branding, and other information on the paper tube to promote your product and company.

Types of Window Paper Tubes

photo credit: sterilizer

  • butted paper tube style
  • long lid short base
  • on top with PVC clear window
  • window size D75mm
  • tube size D90 *H83mm
  • CMYK+matt lamination
  • product pack: sterilizer
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Top window

The window is located on the top of the paper tube, which is usually covered with a transparent lid or cap. This type of window is suitable for products that are stacked or displayed vertically, such as candy or tea.

Side Window

The window is located on the side of the paper tube, which can be one-sided, two-sided, three-sided, or four-sided. This type of window is suitable for products that are displayed horizontally or at an angle, such as cosmetics or toys.


Custom-shape Window

The window is cut into a custom shape that matches the product or the theme of the package. For example, the window can be shaped like a heart, a star, a flower, or a logo. This type of window is suitable for products that want to create a unique and memorable impression on customers.

Products Fit Window Paper Tubes

Window paper tubes can be used for all gifts packaging, and all products that use window paper tubes as second packaging. So it’s widely use and provide you many customizations.


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Custom paper tube are made of 100% recyclable paperboard, applied to food & beverage products, personal care & cosmetics, health & household, gifts & toy & accessories, etc. Whatever you need, we can make your products a Roar!

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