Paper Tube Inserts: Give Products More Safty

Paper tube packaging is a popular and eco-friendly way to package products that are cylindrical or round in shape, such as candles, cosmetics, tea, wine, etc. Paper tubes are made from 100% recycled kraft paper or white virgin paperboard, which are biodegradable, durable and recyclable. They can be customized in various sizes, colors, designs and finishes to suit your brand and product needs. 

But what if your product is not perfectly round or needs some extra protection or support inside the paper tube? That’s where insert paper tube packaging comes in handy. Insert paper tube packaging is a type of paper tube packaging that has an additional component inside the tube to hold or separate the product from the tube wall. Inserts can be made from different materials, such as cardboard, foam, plastic, etc., depending on the product requirements and preferences.


Types of Inserts for Paper Tube Packaging

There are many types of inserts that can be used for paper tube packaging, depending on the function and appearance you want to achieve. Here are some common examples:

Cardboard inserts

These are the most eco-friendly and cost-effective option for inserts, as they are made from the same material as the paper tube. Cardboard inserts can be cut into various shapes and sizes to fit the product snugly inside the tube. They can also be printed or laminated to match the tube design or add some contrast. Cardboard inserts are ideal for products that are relatively sturdy and do not need much cushioning, such as glass bottles, candles, tea tins, etc.

Foam inserts

These are soft and flexible inserts that provide more protection and cushioning for fragile or delicate products, such as cosmetics, electronics, jewelry, etc. Foam inserts can be molded or cut into different shapes and sizes to fit the product and the tube. They can also be covered with fabric or velvet to add some texture and elegance. Foam inserts are more expensive and less eco-friendly than cardboard inserts, but they offer more security and comfort for the product.

Plastic inserts

These are rigid and durable inserts that provide more stability and support for products that are heavy or irregular in shape, such as sex toys, vape kits, hair curlers, etc. Plastic inserts can be made from different types of plastic, such as PET, PVC, PP, etc., depending on the product compatibility and environmental impact. Plastic inserts can be transparent or colored to match or contrast with the tube design. Plastic inserts are less eco-friendly and more expensive than cardboard inserts, but they offer more strength and structure for the product.

photo credit: Dr. Althea

  • butted paper tube style
  • short lid long base
  • inner with EVA foam insert
  • tube size D65 *H100mm
  • CMYK+matt lamination
  • product pack: boosting powder

Benefits of Insert Paper Tube Packaging

Insert paper tube packaging has many benefits for both the product and the brand. Here are some of them:

Enhance product safety

Inserts can help prevent the product from moving or shaking inside the tube, which can cause damage or leakage during transportation or storage. Inserts can also protect the product from dust, moisture, light, or other external factors that can affect its quality or appearance.

Improve product presentation

Inserts can help showcase the product in a more attractive and professional way inside the tube. Inserts can create a contrast or harmony with the tube design, depending on the color and material used. Inserts can also create a surprise or wow factor when the customer opens the tube and sees the product inside.

Increase brand recognition

Inserts can help reinforce the brand identity and message by adding some extra details or features to the tube packaging. Inserts can be printed or embossed with the brand logo, name or slogan to create a lasting impression on the customer. Inserts can also reflect the brand values and personality by using eco-friendly or luxurious materials.



Insert paper tube packaging is a great option for products that need some extra care or attention inside the tube. Inserts can provide more protection, presentation and recognition for the product and the brand. Inserts can be made from different materials, such as cardboard, foam or plastic, depending on the product requirements and preferences. 

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