Are Paper Tubes Eco-Friendly?

With the rapid development of the economy, we have an increasing demand for various products and the consequent consumption of waste, such as plastic packaging. These plastic packaging, which take hundreds of years to degrade or even fail to degrade, are piling up in large quantities on the planet, with devastating effects on our land and marine life, and animals. Therefore, as producers and consumers of products, we are all looking for a more environmentally friendly and sustainable way of production and consumption.

Paper packaging has emerged as a friendlier way of production and consumption, and is increasingly becoming a favoured and more environmentally friendly option for many manufacturers and brand owners. 

What is a Paper Tube Packaging?

Paper tube packaging is a cylindrical packaging that uses kraft paper as the raw material. It is rolled into cylinders of various diameters using molds and then assembled into finished packaging. The bottom is also sealed with a paper slip and sometimes an Alu lid. The top has a flexible opening for products to fill in.


Why paper tube packaging is a great option?

1, Paper tube is eco-friendly

From the above, we know that paper tubes are made of kraft paper or cardboard and do not contain any plastic. These papers are made of pulp or plant fibers and can decompose naturally in nature, and can be composted, only take a few months. Therefore, it is very environmentally friendly for our environment.
This has met requirements from manufacturers, brand owners and environmentalist, who care about our Earth, and strive to a sustainable development. 

2, Support many customizations

Like plastic packaging, paper tube packaging offers a variety of customization services, and even more, such as:  

* Customizing different structures
Customizing different structures allows for a better packaging experience and fits the brand image.
* Customizing different sizes
Customizing different sizes to suit a wider range of products and meet different packaging needs.
* Providing various printing services customization
Four-color, spot color, and various hot stamping processes can all be achieved on paper tubes.
* More diverse customization
For example, oval shapes and transparent window customization can provide a more intuitive display for products.

These diverse package customizations and unique shapes and styles can greatly meet the requirements of the product and brand image, ensuring good protection of products and promoting the brand’s value. So it’s very popular with consumers, manufacturers, and brand owners also turn to this paper tube packaging. 


Wanna to custom your paper tube packaging?

Paper tube packaging is very eco-friendly for our Earth, it’s a sustainable packaging development. Its various customization services make it a great option for many companies & brand owners.
As a paper tube packaging manufacturer, we provide custom paper tube packaging solutions, offering your products a better experience, promoting your brand, and driving more sales. 
If you want to custom paper tube packaging for your products, pls contact us, we wish to work with you together for a green future. 

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