Features in Powder Food Packaging

If you want to find a way to package your fine powdered food and nutrition products, such as protein powders, baking mixes, ground coffee, powdered collagen supplements, matcha, drink mixes, and more, you might want to consider custom paper tube packaging. Paper tube packaging is a sustainable, eco-friendly, and attractive option that can help you stand out from the competition and appeal to your customers. But you would wonder, is this tube packaging suitable for my food powders? Can it keep fresh of my products?


Before we answer the questions, we will take a look into what requirements for powder food storage, we think main from basic requirements will come into two.  

Basic requirements of powdered food storage

1, Store in a dry area, water & oil resistant

2, Store in airtight containers or packages

Then you will wonder, the paper tube is made of kraft paper, which can take moisture from air, and it can cause clumping, caking, and microbial growth in powder foods, how does it to keep my food fresh on shelf?

Well, paper tube custom allows different add-ons during the process, by adding the material/ processes below, we can solve the issues well. Let us take a look what features will a custom paper tube come with. 

Features in Powder Food Packaging

1, choose white kraft paper on paper tube

The material of the paper tube should be food-safe and suitable for your product. One of the most common materials used for food paper tubes is white kraft paper, which is made from natural wood pulp and has a smooth and clean surface. White kraft paper is also biodegradable and recyclable, making it an environmentally friendly choice.

2, add inner liner on paper tube

The inner liner of the paper tube should be water-resistant and oil-resistant to protect your product from moisture and grease. One of the most common inner liners used for food paper tubes is aluminum liner, which is a thin layer of metal foil that covers the inside of the paper tube. Aluminum liner can also provide a barrier against oxygen and light, which can extend the shelf life of your product.

3, add enclosure and seal on paper tube

The type of closure and seal for the paper tube should be easy to open and close and prevent leakage or contamination of your product. One of the most common types of closure and seal for food paper tubes is peel-off airtight lid, which is a metal lid that can be peeled off from the top of the paper tube. Peel-off airtight lid can provide a tight seal and prevent tampering or accidental opening. It can keep your food fresh on shelf for long time.

Another enclosure option is Aluminum lid, although it does not get as airtight as peel-off airtight lid, but it can achieve a good level of airtightness, and it’s much easier on handling, and cheaper cost, it does not request a machine, our hands can open and close it. So many customers prefer this enclosure too.

Photo credit: VEGAN FLOW

  • butted paper tube packaging
  • inner with aluminum liner
  • inner top with aluminum lid airtight
  • D75 x H150 custom size
  • CMYK + matt lamination 

However, paper tube packaging is not suitable for customers who want a fully paper-based packaging solution, as it still contains some metal components such as the aluminum liner and the peel-off lid. Some customers might prefer a more natural and organic look and feel for their packaging, which paper tube packaging might not provide. But it’s still a plastic-free packaging, isn’t it?


Custom paper tube packaging is a great way to package powdered food and nutrition products in a sustainable, eco-friendly, and attractive way. While we should consider the features and types of paper tubes that best suit our product needs and preferences. 

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