2-Piece Paper Tube

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  • 2-Piece paper tube made of kraft paper
  • custom in size, printing, styles 
  • CMYK+matt lamination
  • product pack: body bar
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What Is A 2-Piece Paper Tube?

A 2-piece paper tube is a type of paper packaging that consists of two cylindrical tubes that fit over each other. The inner tube has a smaller diameter than the outer tube, which acts as a cap or a lid. The tubes can be made of different types of paper or paperboard, such as kraft, white, colored, coated, laminated, embossed or foiled. 

Benifits of Paper Tube

A 2-piece paper tube has many advantages and features that make it a perfect choice for various packaging needs. Here are some of them: 

· It is eco-friendly and sustainable. 

Paper is a renewable and biodegradable material that can be easily recycled or composted. Paper tubes also require less resources and energy to produce than plastic or metal packaging. 

· It is customizable and attractive. 

Paper tubes can be printed with different designs, colors and logos to create a unique and eye-catching package for your products. You can also choose from different sizes, shapes and finishes to suit your preferences and needs. 

· It is versatile and functional. 

Paper tubes can be used for a wide range of products, such as food, cosmetics, health and personal care, home and decor, wine and spirits, CBD, vaping, gifts and toys, electronics and more. Paper tubes can protect your products from moisture, light, dust and damage during transportation and storage. 

· It is cost-effective and convenient. 

Paper tubes are lightweight and easy to handle, ship and store. They also offer a high-quality and durable packaging solution at a reasonable price. 

If you are looking for a paper packaging solution that is eco-friendly, customizable, versatile, cost-effective and convenient, you should consider using a 2-piece paper tube for your products. Contact us today to get a quote or order samples of our paper tubes. We can help you create the perfect paper tube packaging for your business and customers.

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