5 Exquisite Wine Packaging Examples Using Paper Tubes

“Packaging can be theater, it can create a story”, said by Steve Jobs.
We all know that packaging is important to our products, it not only to protect our products, but also a way to communicate your brand’s identity, personality, and message to your customers. Packaging can reflect the type and quality of your product, as well as your brand’s values and mission. Packaging can also help you attract your target audience and appeal to their preferences and emotions. Packaging is part of your product’s marketing messaging. 

Today we’ll take a look to 6 Exquisite Wine Packaging Designs Using Paper Tubes.


Fonseca packaging was to get the goal to be attractive price packaging, while still appealing, attracting a younger audience. They achieved it through a simple and dynamic approach we seek a good balance that enhances the simplicity of the packaging, a tube, punctuated with details in the gold foil stamping.

At first glance, we are called to attention by the vibrant color, the modern look and playful lines on top. When you look closely you can see the characteristics of the wine written on the lines, alternately and with foil stamping. We also have more text on a vertical orientation, following the height of the tube, which once more shows how dynamic a tube composition can be. All these small details make this ordinary tube packaging in a very special one, it makes the difference.


Designer: Sofia Laiginhas, Fernando Pendão
Brand: Fonseca Port
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper tube packaging
Printing Process: Foil stamping; offset 
Picture: packagingoftheworld

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Glen Graeme Scotch Whisky is a top-shelf spirits brand and is the name behind two small batch products: a single malt whisky and a blended malt whisky. Both products are made in Scotland and sold exclusively as a private label brand for Astor Wines and Spirits in New York City. 

Because the product is unique to a single store, it felt appropriate to base the packaging design on the architecture of the building. Astor Wines and Spirits resides in a beautiful nineteenth century Romanesque Revival style building, which was once the studio of leading typographer, Theodore Low De Vinne, and his printing company. The packaging design’s custom dieline mimics the shape of the building’s perfectly arched windows, and the illustrations are based on the intricate ornamentations and complex patterns, but exaggerated in a baroque style to showcase the brand’s elegance and grandeur. 

The butt-jointed tube continues the design of the labels and features an inner tube printed with gold ink, inside and out, giving the consumer a luxurious and surprising unveiling.

Designer: Kimberly Paulus
Brand: Astor Wines & Spirits
Packaging Contents: Scotch whisky
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Uncoated paper, cardboard, glass bottle
Printing Process: Foil stamping, embossing
Picture: packagingoftheworld

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Ariki Gin is an ultra premium full bodied gin made with amazing New Zealand and Pacific Island botanicals. These include New Zealand Manuka Flower, Rarotongan Vanilla and Tongan Coconut. 

The name Ariki, meaning “royalty, paramount chief, high chief” drove the brand and design direction and served as the fulcrum for launching a Gin with a Pacific Island positioning in the global marketplace. 

The purposeful strong Ariki illustration reflects through a printing which is highlighted as light hits from different angles – offering new perspectives and real interest. The cylinder packaging offered the same 3 dimensional interaction Ariki wanted their packs to deliver – and enhancing Ariki’s ultra premium positioning. The typography is bold in the naming conventions with ornamental elements giving connection with their Pacific Island proposition. 

The tube packaging design is a manifestation of the brand’s core beliefs – clean, simple and elegant design in the pursuit of perfection.


Design: Redfire
Brand: Ariki Spirit Co.
Packaging Contents: Gin, Alcohol
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass Bottle, Cardboard Tube,Paper Labels
Printing Process: Offset Printing, Gold Foiling, UV Embossing
Picture: packagingoftheworld

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Islay Journey, a blended malt whisky, was inspired by the trip from the Scottish mainland to the iconic Isle of Islay. 

The nautical history of the island and the traditional journey there by sea helped influence the packaging design. A bespoke boat marque combined with bold typography hint at the heritage of the island and traditional hand-painted sign writing on the keel of the boats. 

This strong maritime influence continues with the draftsman’s traditional drawings of a vessel on the background of the labels and presentation tube. Each bottle is finished with a blind emboss design on the cap. Then packaged in presentation tube finished with a gold metallic foil to add a touch of luxury to this small-batch, blended malt.


Creative Director: Craig Bickett
Brand: Hunter Laing & Co.
Packaging Contents: Single Malt Whisky
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle with paper label, Cardboard Tube
Printing Process: Litho Printed, Foil Blocking, Blind Embossing
Picture: packagingoftheworld

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Mykulyn Whiskey is the first ukrainian single malt whiskey. It has an exquisite warming soft taste with notes of milk chocolate, which gives a feeling of warmth and completeness of taste. 

Matured whiskey is a classic product for the market, so the label and packaging should reflect the craft origin of the drink, its authenticity, as well as evoke a sense of trust among consumers. In order to win the trust of consumers at first sight, they work towards a traditional design that would look harmonious on the shelves next to world-famous whiskey brands, and chose a common color scheme, and using a different balance of colors, so that were able to differentiate drinks within a single product line.

Agency: Vataga Agency
Brand: Mykulyn
Packaging Contents: Whisky
Packaging Substrate / Materials: paper, cardboard, glass bottle
Printing Process: Foil stamping, Flexography
Picture: packagingoftheworld

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