Sustainable Deodorant Packaging Solution

Have you tried a deodorant stick packed in a recycled paper packaging?

Do you know any other sustainable deodorant packaging? 

Why sustainable packaging is important?

In recent years, people’s attention to the environment has been increasing. Sustainable development of the environment has become a primary consideration for every production enterprise and brand within the beauty and personal care industry. When they plan new products, they will choose environmentally friendly packaging solutions that align with sustainable development as much as possible.

As a result, paper-based packaging has become a new trend, increasingly favored by brand owners in deodorant. At the same time, paper-based deodorant packaging also conveys meaningful values to consumers on behalf of brand owners:


What is a sustainable deodorant packaging?

Paper Tube Packaging – Plastic packaging Alternative

The paper tube packaging serves as a viable alternative to plastic packaging for deodorants, boasting strong functionality. It is entirely made of paper, free from any plastic components, making it environmentally friendly and capable of biodegradation in the soil. This meets all the requirements of deodorant brands.

The paper tube deodorant packaging features a cylindrical structure, internally coated with a layer of oil-resistant paper, which is an environmentally friendly and biodegradable material. The bottom paper disc can be flexibly pushed upward. After the deodorant paste is injected into the solid, pushing the paper disc propels the paste for use.

Cylinder Deodorant Paper Tube


Oval Deodorant Paper Tube


The elliptical design is more convenient for carrying and storage. Despite being entirely made of paper, elliptical paper tube packaging is less prevalent in the market compared to cylindrical paper tubes, mainly due to its relatively higher cost.

Filling in a Deodorant Paper Tube Packaging

Well, you’ve learned about the functionality of a deodorant paper tube packaging, and it has many benefits – it is renewable, biodegradable, and recyclable. If you look for deodorant sustainable packaging solution, pls contact us, we’ll tailor it for you!

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