Pet Food Paper Can Packaging

At All Paper Tube Co, we offer smart and creative paper tube and paper can packaging solutions, from design, research, development and production. We want to work with you to create a more eco-friendly and green future for our planet.

Paper can packaging for pet food, also known as paper canister, is a green and sustainable paper packaging option for pet food. It is a sealed tube that prevents food from spilling, and protects it from water and oil. The paper can has a machine-sealed bottom and top, and an aluminum liner inside the can body as a barrier. This makes the paper can very airtight, ideal for food packaging, and ensures food freshness on the shelf for a long time.

If you have a project that needs green paper packaging for food, paper can is a good choice. Please contact us to find out how we can assist you with your food paper packaging needs.

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Features of Paper Can Packaging

metal plug paper can for pet food

Metal Plug Paper Can Foe Pet Food

This paper can customizes with a metal plug on top, it’s moveable and easy on sealing. It’s suggested to pack pet food which has an independent packaging like a bag, so that can keep food for long time.

metal plug paper can for pet food

Peel-off lid Paper Can Packaging

Peel-off lid paper can is very good paper packaging for pet food, the top& bottom both need to be sealed by machine, body is applied with aluminum liner as barrier, it’s paper can with hight airtightness, help food to store long time without any change.


Tab Tear Up Paper Can Pet Packaging

Tab tear up paper can pet packaging is in similart structure as peel-off lid paper can, the tab tear up makes it easy to be open. And this paper can prevents food from leaking & spilling, good to be used as food packaging not only pet food. 

Advantages of Pet Paper Can Packaging


Earth Eco-Friendly

Pet food paper can does not contain any plastic, mainly made of paper, metal lid & aluminum liner, these are eco-friendly material to environment.


Material Recyclable

Paper, metal lid & aluminum made of this paper can packaging, the metal lid can be recyclable easily, aluminum also is recyclable material, and paper will be composted in nature.

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Cost Effective

Paper can pet food packaging not only is sustainable packaging, but also is cost effective, it can be customized in different sizes, printing to meet target.

protection icon

No Leaking

The paper can has a machine-sealed bottom and top, and an aluminum liner inside the paper can body as a barrier. This makes the paper can very airtight, no leaking, and water & oil resistant.

--by Glen Howard
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