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Your Packaging
with Sustainable
Composite Cans

Work with China Leading Composite Cans Manufacturer, Get Eco-friendly, Innovative, and Durable Solutions for a Greener Future.


Composite Cans Benefits

Features of Composite Cans Packaging

High Airtightness

Crafted from Eco-Friendly
Kraft Paper


Recyclable Metal Lid
for Sustainability


Exceptional Oxygen
and Moisture Resistance

sesame paper packaging

Exceptional Airtightness
for Optimal Preservation

paper can for salt

Multi-Customization Options

cornmeal paper can

Versatile Applications
for Various Needs

All Paper Tube

We Are Your Best Solution For Customization

we don’t just manufacture composite cans, we engineer solutions tailored to your unique business requirements


Cost Saving

Choosing our composite cans packaging goes beyond its eco-friendly and versatile features; it’s also a smart financial decision for your business.


Brand Image Enhancement

Our composite cans packaging is not just a practical choice, it’s a strategic move to enhance your brand image and create a lasting impression on your target audience.


Longer Shelf Life for Products

Our packaging not only showcases your commitment to quality but also ensures that your products reach consumers in the best possible condition, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Most Widely Usage

food products 90%
Pet Food 87%
Insecticide 60%
seeds 40%


Beyond Packaging: Unlocking the Diverse Applications of Composite Cans

Composite cans are a new type of environmentally friendly packaging with excellent sealing properties. They are widely used in various applications, including the packaging of puffed snacks, dried fruits, and pet food. However, there are still more usage areas waiting for you to unlock.

Our Certificates

BRC certificate
FSC Certificate
SGS Certificate

Trusted by Global Partners

paper canister factory


Sustainable Composite Cans Manufacturer

All Paper Tube Co. provides intelligent and innovative paper tube, composite cans  packaging solutions, from design, research, development, and production. We hope to build a sustainable and greener future for our planet, together with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide samples?

Yes, we can provide you samples.
Free samples from stock, small charge for customized samples with your artwork. 

What is the process to order custom composite cans?

1. Send us an inquiry to get quote, by telling us its dimension, printing & quantity you look for.

2. We quote & offer design template so you can lay out your artwork. 

3. Sample make & send to check if request, after artwork confirm, which will take 5-7days to get ready.  

4. Start bulk production after sample & order pay, which will take like 2-4weeks, depending to quantity. 

5. Shipping arrangment accordingly after bulk production finish. 

Is the composite cans recyclable?

The composite cans are made of kraft paper, and 2 terminals are sealed by metal lid, both they’re recyclable, and kraft paper is compost.

What sizes of composite cans do you sell?

We can produce the composite cans in a variety of sizes. Contact us to get sizes list!

What are the payment term?

Custom-made composite cans require 50% deposit with balance paid before shipping. 

Available payment terms : bank transfer, paypal, western union.

Ready to Start?

Contact our team to provide yout with a tailor-made solution to enhance your brand value. 

metal plug paper can for pet food

All Paper Tube Co. provides intelligent and innovative cardboard paper tube packaging solutions, from design, research, development, and production. We hope to build a sustainable and greener future for our planet, together with you.

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